Thursday, 31 March 2011

More BABE info...

Hi everyone! 

Katie and me are both going to BABE to sell ABC@BIAD work, but we can't do it on our own! We need your help, give us your printy stuff!! Obviously it needs to be good quality and well packaged and presented. If you'd like us to sell your bits and bobs then please bring your work into school. You can leave it in the plan chest draw marked "BABE" or in the one marked "Chloe Cook" if there's room, or just give it to someone who is involved. Chiu will be looking at all the work before we go so if your work is a bit below the standard of everything else we're taking then I'm afraid it may not go with us. Come and see someone in the print room if you need help or advice, we're all friendly like kittens! =^.^=

Also, Katie and I don't wanna be alone so if you'd like to man the stall with us it'd be a great experience for you and would stop us going insane! I'm going on the Saturday and Katie is going on the Sunday, so let one of us know if you'd like to join and we can all book trains and stuff together. Or email me at:

If you're in Print Club then I'll have already told you this, but YOU SHOULD COME and see how printmaking fits into a contemporary market. We're going to be interviewing people whos work is interesting and things like that too, so it'd be a good way to learn.

Sorry about such a long post!

Chloe x

Monday, 28 March 2011

Go to BABE!!!

Go to BABE and you'll get to see loads of beautiful and amazing artist books and prints. If you're new to printing it'll be a great insight into what you can do with your work, and if you're not new to printing it's still really inspirational. It's well worth the train fair, and if you're quick you can book it in advance or the megabus is quite cheap. I should be going myself so maybe we could organise a meet-up and have a look round together?

More details about BABE here:

Chloe x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

So far in the Print Club...

We've been up to loads in the Print Club so far, and here is a brief summary...

This is the poster that I made to advertise the Print Club in the first place:

And the first Print Club session went down really well. We had a really busy print room and everyone was enjoying getting on with things.

Most people are from very different courses, such as graphic design and architecture. Many people who came are new to screen printing and have only been to one of Lucie's workshop before, so it was a bit of a challenge for me at times but I really enjoyed helping everyone and getting the print club more used. And some of the work being produced in Print Club is lovely!

Sam also made a really cool video of the first Print Club, which you can find here on youtube:

So if you're a BCU student come in one Wednesday afternoon and see what you're missing! The Print Club runs from 1.30pm until 4pm. 

See you soon! :)
Chloe x

Wow, long time no posties!

Hi everyone!

We are Sam, Kirk and Chloe- and we are the 2010/2011 student academic partners at the Print Room. We have LOADS to tell you! Chloe's been running a Print Club every Wednesday that any BCU students are welcome to attend, which has seen the print room become a lot busier. So far a success! Kirk is knuckling down making a kit that will allow students to screen print at home after university, as this is something we all worry about not being able to do. And Sam is planning on networking for the print room, to make connections with outside artists and printmakers.

If you'd like to see what we've been doing so far, I've updated the Student Academic Partners wordpress blog quite a lot. You can find that here:
I promise to post here too from now on! :D

Chloe x