Saturday, 9 January 2010

ABC Screen Print Service Open for Business

BIAD Artists’ Book Collective

are *offering a FREE screen print service

to Students & Staff of

Birmingham Institute of Art & Design

*Conditions apply:

  • we will only print if we consider the artwork to be saleable at Artist Book Fairs
  • You need to supply the paper
  • You get 25% of the prints, we keep 75%.
  • We supply the inks, emulsion, skills and labour – you just sit back and watch

How do you get your artwork print ready?

On the whole we like to work with our customers in person, consulting and preparing them for the steps that they need to take to get their artwork ready.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand anything about screen-printing, as we will introduce you to the processes that we are able to offer, and the options you have in getting your artwork ready - from colour separations to your choice of paper.

Please contact us to arrange a meet:

Size Maximum print size is aprox B2 (50x70cm)

Lines Hand drawn or computer-generated lines must be a minimum of .25 point.


We recommend that fonts (based on Helvetica) should be no smaller then 12pt.


If your artwork requires very accurate colours we need you to come down to help test your requirements, as colours do look different from monitor to monitor.


Please make your image as a Psd file. If your design is more then one colour, please separate the colours onto named layers.

Please make images the size you want printed and at 300dpi

How to send

You can deliver it straight to us on a memory stick, or you can email your artwork at

Paper Stock



We use Daler Rowney System 3 water based inks.


We do not charge you ANYTHING – YOU just have to supply THE PAPER. WE KEEP 75% of whatever is produced to recuperate costs and maintain print room essentials.

Your work with your name will then be promoted and sold at Book Fairs around the country - if you want to sell your 25%, we can do that for you too!

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